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We specialize in mported Japanese Motors ! Engine World Inc has been setting higher standards in automotive industry by selling premium low mileage Used Japanese Engines for over a decade in U.S market while others are trying to achieve them. We pioneer, we don't follow. We have the largest inventory of Japanese import motors for sale in United States. We ship within continental United States from our Houston head office. Each Japanese used engine imported from our lead office in Osaka is tested for compression, leak down & oil pressure.
Our team at our head office in Japan and in Houston works hard to ensure that our Japanese Motors & Transmissions from Japanese Domestic Market (J.D.M) pass stringent quality control procedures. Engines we import from Japan have the lowest failure rate because we have an in-house quality control team in Houston. We offer pragmatic solution when you are in need of an engine or transmission for your Japanese vehicle.
We have an in-house, state-of-the-art machine shop that offers Re-manufactured diesel and gasoline engines for models we can't import from Japan. In order to expedite our distribution we have assigned distribution centers all over United States in addition to our head office in Houston, Texas to expedite distribution to our customers.
Our most popular distribution centers are in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Miami & Atlanta. We want our customers to realize that there are several blind spots while shopping for JDM Engines & transmissions. This website is a platform for our customers to research about the engine and transmission that fits in their Japanese vehicle before moving towards purchasing it.



jdm-arrowWe believe in doing business with integrity and lay greater importance to customer service.

jdm-arrowAll Japanese engines & Transmission go through a rigorous testing procedure before shipment. Our quality defines our product !

jdm-arrowMajority of our business relies on repeat customers. Most customers realize cheap price in used engine business always means low quality !

jdm-arrowWe offer expedited shipping nationwide within Continental United States & Canada. - We care for our customers so we ship what we would install in our own vehicle.

jdm-arrowWe hire experienced and certified technicians whom we pay well so they are motivated.

jdm-arrowVendors selling cheap engines make money by compromising on quality. We work harder to add quality to our product. " Low mileage used Japanese engine" sounds good but we want our customers to know that behind the scenes we work hard to acquire them in Japan. Each team member in Japan & Houston head-office works towards adding value to our product by ensuring our Japanese used motors and transmissions meet our quality standards.



We built this website keeping our customers in mind so they can make a well-informed decision before purchasing from us. We have tried to display most Used & Rebuilt Japanese motors on this website.

Why buying a Japanese motor is the best decision ? Many people have a pre-meditated price they are ready to pay for an engine or transmission based on value of their car but the price actually depends on availability. Here is a good example - Value of a 1995 Honda Civic may be just $2000 but since it is an older model it is difficult to find which means highest bidder will be able to buy this engine in Japan. Another factor that decides price is labor. Non-tested engine will be cheaper than a tested engine. We urge our customers to remember this while purchasing from us because we don't compromise on quality for this reason all our endeavors are targeted towards selling tested engines and transmissions imported from Japan.

Best Selling Used Japanese Engines this week.

  • Toyota Supra

    Engine : 2JZ GTE
    Year : 1992- 1997
    Price : Call

    This is a low mileage JDM engine for Toyota Supra imported from Japan.

  • Honda D16Y8=D15B Vtec

    Engine : D15B Vtec for EX & HX Civic
    Year : 1996- 2000
    Price : call !

    Honda D15B Vtec JDM used engine is a direct replacement for D16Y8

  • Toyota Corolla

    Engine : 1ZZ FE
    Year : 2000- 2008
    Price : CALL

    Low mileage Japanese used engine for Toyota Corolla for 2000-2008 model.

  • Nissan Sentra

    Engine : MR20DE
    Year : 2010- 2015
    Price : Call !

    New Jdm engine model ! We have Nissan MR20DE engine in stock now !

  • Toyota Supra

    Engine : 7MGE
    Year : 1988- 1995
    Price : Call

    Jdm 7MGE engine for Toyota Supra.

  • Honda Civic EX & HX

    Engine : D16Y8 Rebuilt engine
    Year : 1996- 2008
    Price : call !

    Rebuilt Japanese D16Y8 engine for Honda Civic EX & HX.

  • Honda Civic

    Engine : D16A
    Year : 1996- 2000
    Price : CALL !

    Honda Civic low mileage Used Japanese Engine for LX, DX grade Civic.

  • Honda K24A

    Engine : K24A
    Year : 2003- 2012
    Price : CALL !

    Honda K24A I-vtec Jdm used engine for 2003-2012 Honda Element & Honda CRV.

  • Honda Accord

    Engine : F23A Vtec
    Year : 1998- 2002
    Price : Call !

    Honda Accord F23A JDM used motor.

  • Toyota 4Runner

    Engine : 5VZ
    Year : 1996- 2004
    Price : Call

    Used Japanese engine for Toyota 4Runner.

  • Honda Civic

    Engine : ZC SOHC
    Year : 1988- 1995
    Price : Call !

    JDM Honda ZC

  • Honda Accord & CRV

    Engine : K24A
    Year : 2003- 2008
    Price : CALL

    Honda K24A low mileage JDM engine for Honda Accord & Honda CRV.

  • Toyota Camry

    Engine : 2AZ FE
    Year : 2002- 2010
    Price : Call

    This is our best selling Japanese used engine for Toyota Camry 2002-2010.

  • Nissan VG30DE

    Engine : VG30DE
    Year : 1990- 1997
    Price : Call !

    Nissan 300ZX Non Turbo Japanese low mileage engine.

  • Toyota 4Runner & Tacoma

    Engine : 3RZ Distributor kind
    Year : 1996- 2004
    Price : call !

    Low mileage Jdm used motor for Toyota 4Runner & Tacoma.

  • Toyota Highlander

    Engine : 1MZ VVTI
    Year : 2002- 2005
    Price : Call

    JDM Toyota 1MZ VVTI engine for Toyota Highlander just arrived !

  • Toyota Avalon, Camry, Sienna

    Engine : 1MZ FE
    Year : 1995- 2001
    Price : CALL !

    Jdm Toyota 1MZ used motor for Toyota Camry, Solara,Avalon & Sienna on sale this week !

  • Toyota Camry, Highlander, Solara, Scion TC

    Engine : 2AZ FE
    Year : 2002- 2010
    Price : call !

    Rebuilt Japanese Engine 2AZ FE

  • Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner

    Engine : 3RZ FE
    Year : 1995- 2004
    Price : CALL !!

    Remanufactured Toyota Tacoma 3RZ FE Engine

  • Honda Civic

    Engine : ZC SOHC
    Year : 1988- 1995
    Price : Call !

    JDM Honda ZC engine for 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 Honda Civic for sale.


  • Japanese Engines sales office in Dallas

    New sales office in Dallas, Texas

    Posted on 6/15/2016

    As of June 2016 we have a new sales office in Dallas at

    2101 Cedar Springs Rd #1050, Dallas, Tx 75201.

    We ship Japanese used engines daily to our customers in Dallas.


  • Honda

    JDM Honda engines explained

    Posted on 5/6/2016

    We listen to our customers ! Here is a detailed list of Honda used engines we import from Japan with fitment guide.

  • JDM engine

    JDM engines

    Posted on 4/6/2016

    We believe in quality not quantity. We have a very diverse inventory of Japanese used motors. We stock old 1988-1995 Honda Civic D15B motors to 2006-2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid engines. We stock the largest inventory of Acura, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Suzuki, Scion & Isuzu motors which includes both Diesel & Gasoline engines & Transmissions.

  • New sales office in Los Angeles

    New sales office in Los Angeles

    Posted on 3/23/2016

    According to our 2015 sales figures sales of Japanese Motors in California shows strong growth which makes Los Angeles our main hub to supply low mileage JDM engines. This prompted us to open another sales & customer service office at 5405 WILSHIRE BLVD, LOS ANGELES, CA 90036

  • Engine rebuild Kits for Japanese diesel engines

    Engine rebuild Kits for Japanese diesel engines

    Posted on 9/3/2015

    Now we carry Rebuild kits for Japanese Diesel Engines for Industrial applications.

  • Sales office in Los Angeles

    Sales office in Los Angeles

    We are currently looking for Auto Repair shops in Los Angeles area who would like to become our franchise and make commission on sales of Used JDM motors in Los Angeles, San Diego, Ontario & Napa Valley.

  • Japanese Diesel Engine

    Japanese diesel engines

    We carry Brand New and rebuilt industrial diesel engines for Japanese brands like Isuzu 4BD2-T, 4HE1-TC, 4HK1-TC for Isuzu NPR, NQR, NRR, GMC W4500, W5500, W3500 & for Hitachi, Case & Link Belt Excavators. Isuzu 4JB1 for Bobcat and Mustang skid steers, Isuzu 4BG1 for Hitachi, Takeuchi & Case Excavators. We are growing !

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