Most dependable Used Japanese Engines in USA !

"This year marks our 10th Anniversary- Ten Successful years of selling Used Japanese Engines ! They say passion speaks louder than words. We have been serving the U.S market for a decade.

The main reasons for are success are:

- We test everything and ship only the Best Engines & Transmissions.

- Success of a Used Engine business depends on Trust. 10 Years of success gives us confidence because 50% of our business depends on referrals & repeat customers.

- We offer expedited shipping nationwide within Continental United States & Canada.

- Easy to understand warranty. We also educate all our customers regarding tune up procedure required before installing each Engine or Transmission.

- We care for our customers so we ship what we would install in our own vehicle :)

Quality of a used engine depends greatly on the Company where you buy it from because if the vendor does not have required expertise you may receive a defective motor. We want to be known for quality of our product because we are very passionate about Japanese Engines. We care more for repeat business and we know very well that this can only be done if we gain the TRUST of our customers. We go an extra mile to test each and every Engine and Transmission that rolls out of our container from Japan. We look for possible defect by testing and inspecting every item before shipment. We know trust is the biggest deciding factor when buying a Used Engine. Buying Used Engines imported from Japan gives peace of mind that at least the motor is low mileage but it all depends who you are buying from. If you are looking for the safest option to replace your Japanese engine or a Transmission which is considerably low mileage & also tested then you have reached the right place. As a result of our stringent testing procedure our Used JDM engines have the lowest failure rate in the industry.

All our low mileage used Engines imported from Japan are sold with 6 months limited warranty & "

Special 10 % discount on all Honda Engines this week !

Best Selling Engines this week.

Deals this week .

Honda Accord
Engine : F23A Vtec
Year : 1998- 2002
Price : Call !
Honda Accord F23A JDM used motor.

Honda Civic
Engine : D16A
Year : 1996- 2000
Price : CALL !
Honda Civic low mileage Used Japanese Engine for LX, DX grade Civic.

Toyota Tundra / Tacoma / 4Runner
Engine : 5VZ
Year : 1996- 2005
Price :
Toyota Tundra JDM Used engine.
Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner
Engine : 3RZ FE
Year : 1995- 2004
Price : CALL !!
Remanufactured Toyota Tacoma 3RZ FE Engine

Honda CRV
Engine : B20B
Year : 1997- 2000
Price : $690
Honda CRV 1997-2000 Japanese low mileage Engine

Toyota Camry, Highlander, Solara, Scion TC
Engine : 2AZ FE
Year : 2002- 2010
Price : call !
Rebuilt Japanese Engine 2AZ FE

Toyota Camry Camry
Engine : 3SFE
Year : 1997- 2001
Price : CALL !

Largest inventory of Tested Japanese Engines, over 5000 in stock !

"We carry over 5000 units of Used JDM Engines & Japanese Transmissions in stock ! Our robust network of suppliers spread all over Japan carefully select Japanese Engines & Transmissions after strict quality control. We have mastered our quality control procedure...after all we have been doing this long enough.We started on a shoe-string a decade ago. Experience has taught us about quality control & customer service. We pledge to our customers that we will ship only those Used Engines imported from Japan that pass our strict quality control as quality is our first priority. Our well trained techs here at Engine World strictly follow our corporate testing procedure in place. We ship nationwide within continental U.S and also export it to the Caribbean & Canada. We ship to as far as Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico. "

We are very passionate about our Japanese Engine business!

"We do what we do best. We have been doing this for over 10 years in the U.S and our Japan office has been exporting Used Motors & Parts for over 30 years. Our track record in the U.S proves that we have the lowest failure rate of close to 2%. Happy customers who have bought from us in the past keep on recommending us to their friends & family which encourages us to work harder and helps us grow. We are certain that our Japanese Motors & Transmissions will definitely prove to be a great investment of your hard earned money."

Our New Franchises in California

"In order to expand our distribution chain our NEW franchises help expedite our shipments of Japanese Engines:

2355 Westwood Blvd # 825,
Los Angeles, CA 90064-2109.

We also have franchises selling our Tested Japanese Motors in Chicago, Austin, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta & Washington.

237 Kearny St. # 369
San Francisco, CA 94108."

50% of our inventory of Japanese Engines is Honda Engines

"Demand for Honda & Toyota Engines is rising each year. Honda Engines remain one of the most fuel efficient engines in the world. We have the largest stock of Honda Japanese motors in United States."

40% of our inventory of Japanese Engines is Toyota Engines

"Toyota remains the largest automotive manufacturer in the world. Growing economy demands more engines for Toyota Trucks like Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, T100 and our most famous engines for Toyota sedans are for Toyota Camry & Toyota Corolla. Honda & Toyota are two important brand in order to survive in Used Japanese engine business !"

Japanese Engines in Oklahoma, Seattle, Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland, Miami, Sacramento, San Diego

"Demand for low mileage Japanese Engines & Transmissions is increasing so this year we have set up new franchises to expedite delivery of Used Japanese motors to major cities in Oklahoma, Maryland, Ohio, California, Florda, Kentucky, Michigan, Washington, District of Columbia, New York, New Jersey & Texas"

Now we sell Re-manufactured Japanese Motors.

"We have been successful because we hear our customers. Our most popular Rebuilt Japanese Motors are Toyota 2AZ for Toyota Camry, Highlander, Scion TC from 2002-2010, Toyota 1MZ VVTI for Lexus RX300, ES300, Toyota Highlander & Avalon from 1998-2004, Honda Odyssey engine 2003 - 2006 J35A. Touring grade i-vtec J35A engine is most popular engine for Honda that is in demand now. Our prices for Rebuilt motors for Japanese brands are close to used engine prices which offer huge savings and ensures better Quality."

We work really hard for our customers !

"In an effort to provide impeccable high quality Japanese motors our team in Japan works very hard to collect the right Engines and Transmissions. It requires assiduous planning. Hunting for vehicles with good engines and transmission is not an easy task. Our diverse network of dealers help us achieve this task. Our office in Osaka has been doing this for last 35 years. We would like to assure our loyal customers that they are in good hands ! "

Subaru Engines

"Subaru Engines are very difficult to locate in the U.S. We carry Subaru EJ25 DOHC Japanese engine for Subaru Outback and Forester for 1996-1999. We generally sell Rebuilt Subaru SOHC Japanese motors for 2000 up Subaru Forester / Outback, Baja and Impreza."

Container arrived from Japan with 105 Japanese Motors. Blow out sale on 1998-2002 Honda Accord engi

"105 Engines just rolled out from the container today. We have a blow out sale for only one week on Honda Accord F23A vtec 1998-2002 Engines. It will be shipped with FREE AC compressor, Alternator & power steering pump !"

1990-2002 Honda Civic LX, DX engines for sale

"Honda Civic D15B / ZC motors are for sale for LX & DX models for 1990 to 2000. They will be shipped with all parts on it. "

Our Best selling Engine this month has been 1990-2001 Toyota Camry 3SFE engine

"Toyota Camry Engines has always been our best seller. We have plenty in stock and we have it for very competitive price."

We offer Rebuilt Toyota Tacoma 3RZ coil pack engine

"Toyota 3RZ 2.7 ltr engine for Toyota Tacoma 1995-2004 are difficult to find and cost around $1500 at salvage yards. We sell a rebuilt one for competitive price which is close to the price of a used Engine. We work hard to save our customers money. "

2002-2013 Toyota Camry, Scion TC & Highlander 2AZ Rebuilt engine.

"This is a very difficult to find Engine and market price is soaring due to high demand. Good News for our repeat customers is that we offer fully Rebuilt Toyota Camry Engines for 2002-2013 model. Toyota 2A FE versatile motor that fits Scion TC, Toyota Highlander and even in 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid. Our Rebuilt Toyota 2AZ FE motor is priced around the same price a salvage yard would sell high mileage used motor for but as far as quality of a used motor goes, we know you get what you pay for !"

Japanese used Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry Engines always in stock

"When shopping for a Used Engine it is difficult to find Price as well as good quality from one vendor. Many misrepresent the facts that their Engines are imported from Japan which is not true. We have been around for over 10 years and we have been successful because 50% of our business depends on referrals. Availability is another issue for other vendors. We know Engines for Honda Civic, Toyota Camry and Honda Accord are always in demand. We try our level best to keep them always in stock. Right now we have are shelves stocked up for holiday season. "

All Honda Civic and Accord Engines from 1990-2002 on sale !

"Low mileage Japanese Honda Civic LX, DX Engines and all Honda Accord engines are on sale. D15B, D16A, F23A VTEC, F22B Vtec and Non Vtec will be shipped with FREE Alternator, power steering pump and AC compressor until Oct 31st."

Toyota 2AZ 2002-2013 Camry, Highlander & Scion TC Rebuilt Engine in stock

"We have used and Rebuilt 2002-2013 Toyota Camry, Toyota Highlander & Scion TC 2.4 ltr 2AZ FE engine. Our Rebuilt engines are very affordable and are sold very close to the price of a used engine."

Our Franchises carry all Japanese Used motors

"Our franchises in Arizona, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Florida & Virginia are stocked up with Japanese Engines for Year-end sale. Many Companies buy Engines for Trucks used for their business to get Tax deduction. Our shelves are stocked up with Japanese Truck & Suv motors like Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, Highlander, Lexus RX300, Nissan Xterra, Nissan Titan, Toyota 4Runner. Famous Honda engines for Honda Civic & Accord including Toyota Camry are also in stock."

We are Texans !

"We proud to be Texans ! We have been selling Low mileage JDM Motors in Texas for over 10 years. We offer expedited delivery within Texas. We always have famous Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry engines and Toyota & Nissan Truck Engines like engines for Toyota Tacoma,Toyota Tundra, Nissan Xterra, Toyota 4Runner, Nissan Frontier in stock as these are the engines in demand in Texas !"

New location in Los Angeles

"We are happy to announce our two new distribution channels to supply premium used JDM engines within California.

1976 S. La Cienega Blvd #369, Los Angeles, CA 90034


325 Washington St #2352, San Diego, CA 92103."
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